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Feeding Your Conures with a Balanced Diet

While seed contains the three major kinds of nutrients (oils, proteins and carbohydrates) it does not offer a balanced diet, especially in terms of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. These diverse compounds are only required in small amounts, yet are vital to the body's overall...

How to Breed Conure Parrots

One of the greatest handicaps to breeding these parskeets successfully in the past was the difficulty in distinguishing a true pair. Two conures of the same sex can behave essentially like breeding birds, and two hens kept together may lay and incubate their eggs.

Common Types of Conures

Although there are about forty recognized species of conure, not all are known in aviculture. This especially applies to the Pyrrhura species, which are so little known that they may even need to be reclassified. The classificatory system provides a universal means of identifying any...

How to Train Your Conure

A hand-raised conure will have little or no fear, and should respond well to human attention. It pays to obtain a young bird when you are seeking a companion, since an adult conure accustomed to aviary life may remain shy and withdrawn.

How to Build a Nesting Box for Conures

It is important to construct the nestbox out of relatively solid timber or blockboard which is at least 2.5 cm (1in) thick. This will make it more resilient to the birds' beaks, and should also help to insulate the interior. It is for this reason that well-made nestboxes tend to be...

How to Deal with Common Diseases of Conures

Conures do not present any great difficulties in terms of their care and breeding. Similarly, they tend to be healthy, particularly once established in their surroundings. The correct diagnosis of diseases is difficult in many cases.

How to Feed Your Pet Conures

In the wild, conures feed on a variety of fruits, seeds and greens, so that it is not difficult to offer them a substitute diet. You can either prepare your own seed mixture, or use a standard parrot food as the basis for the conures' food intake. In both instances, sunflower seed is...

Characteristics of Conures

A pair of conures will generally attempt to nest, and Pyrrhura species in particular can prove almost as prolific as many Australian parakeets. Yet in contrast to these birds, conures are much steadier and often become quite tame, even in aviary surroundings.

How to Choose Your First Conure Wisely

Always find out as much as possible about the conures before purchasing them. For this reason, you should try to visit the vendor, even if this means traveling some distance. You will then be able to see the birds in their predistribution surroundings. If they are being housed in a group,...

Expert Tips on Housing Conures

Construct the roof so that it will slot tightly over the top of the shelter once the components are assembled. It is best to leave the application of roofing felt until this stage is reached, but allow for a double layer of heavy-duty roofing felt when ordering. You will also need some...