Wireless Reading Device Reviews, Comparison
Tuesday April 29, 2014
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Wireless Reading Device Reviews, Comparison

Device Name Kindle 3 Kindle DX Barnes Noble Nook Barnes Noble Nook Color Kindle Touch Kindle Fire Amazon Kindle 4
Screen size 6" 9.7" 6" 7" 6" 7" 6"
Resolution 600x800 824x1200 600x800 1024x600 600x800 1024 x 600 600 x 800
Dimensions 7.5" x 4.8" x 0.34" 10.4" x 7.2" x 0.38" 7.7" x 4.9" x .5" 8.1" x 5.0" x 0.48" 6.8" x 4.7" x 0.40" 7.5" x 4.7" x 0.45" 6.5" x 4.5" x 0.34"
Weight 8.5 oz 18.9 oz 12.01 oz 15.8 oz 7.5 oz 14.6 oz 5.98 ounces
Internal memory 4 GB (3,500 books) 4 GB (3,500 books) 2 GB (1,400 books) 8 GB (6,000 books) 4 GB (3,000 books) 8GB (6,000 books) 2GB (1,400 books)
External Memory MicroSD/SDHC MicroSD MicroSD/SDHC MicroSD/SDHC
Battery Life up to 7500 hr up to 7500 hr up to 5500 hr Up to 8 hours 2 months Up to 8 hours Up to 1 month
Document Formats Kindle (AZW and TOPAZ), PRC/MOBI, PDF, TXT Kindle (AZW and TOPAZ), PRC/MOBI, PDF, TXT PDF, EPUB, eReader, PDB EPUB, PDF, XLS, DOC, PPT, PPS, TXT, DOCM, DOCX Same as Kindle 4 Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI, PRC, Audible Enhanced (AA, AAX), DOC, DOCX Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, DOC, DOCX
Audio Formats Audible MP3 Audible, AAX, MP3 MP3 MP3, AAC MP3, MIDI, OGG, WAV non-DRM AAC, MP3, MIDI, OGG, WAV, MP4, VP8 N/A
Text to Speech Yes Yes No No No No No
Wireless Connectivity 3G WIFI 3G WIFI 3G WIFI WI-FI 3G WIFI Free 3G +
Content Services Kindle Store Kindle Store Free WIFI access to B&N stores (US only) Free WIFI access to B&N stores (US only) Kindle Store Kindle Store Kindle Store
Release Date July 2010 June 2010 November 2009 November 2010 September 2011 September 2011 September 2011
Price $139.00 $379.00 $99.99 $198.95 $99 $199 $79


+1 #19 C. Ellis 2012-04-08 06:38
Name of Device : Kindle DX

I have researched many e-readers and wavered quite a while on which one to get. After reading many, many reviews and going into stores to physical touch a few readers...I decided on the DX. I did so because it is book size. Even though I love the electronic technology of it all, I'm still a bit old fashioned with holding a book (I also ordered a book-like cover for my DX...loving that too). So I just got my KindleDX today and I'm absolutely loving it. It was already registered and was ready to go right out of the box! I have Kindle on my PC as well and it automatically transferred them in archive so all I had to do was download them. The screen is amazing...so clear and the ability to adjust the font and words are great. I will update as I add my PDF files from work, which was another reason I chose the DX. I do alot of training and presentation and this could be real handy instead of holding 3x5 for reference...so more to follow!!! Oh yeah, I'm actually stationed in Germany right now and its download fast and even though it may cost a few more for wireless transfer, Amazon states to get around it is to download it to your computer first then transfer it to your Kindle...I really appreciated that money-saving tip...
-1 #18 Bubs 2012-04-07 06:39
Name of Device : Kindle Touch

I got this for my mom for her birthday and she is on it every morning and night. I usually come downstairs to her either drinking a cup of coffee looking out the living room window or watching the news or on the computer checking emails. Not any more, she tells me that its one of the best gifts she has received recently. My main reason why I got it for her because I noticed online that you can download ebooks from your local library and she has been taking books out from the library. I often hear her complain about paying late fees and her birthday was coming up so it was an excuse to get her one. I know the online library for kindle is not large but it shouldn't be hard to find one that seems reasonable to read.
I have a kindle keyboard and I played with the Kindle touch for a few days to see how works and I can say I am a little jealous. Her device has no problems with downloading books wirelessly from the computer and on the device, shopping in the kindle store on the touch is easy, and can connect to wi-fi with close to none in difficulties. I overall think think that this was a big improvement.
-1 #17 Hapkido Man 2012-04-05 06:41
Name of Device : Kindle 4

I had the K1 and K3 (given to my children)

I love this one.

Smaller (fits in my suit pocket now!!)

Not So good/Bad
* Shorter battery life (than the k3, not k1)
* Advertising blows (you can pay $30 after the fact to have it turned off. Seems that price should drop the longer I own it--alas, no. I will pay the $30 though as advertisments distract me from the mood of reading)
* No power adapter for the supplied USB cable. You could charge through your pc/mac though. Don't spend $9.99 on theirs... go to ebay and you can find them for 99 cents!

Someone commented on the ghost images that occasionally appear. There is an option to refresh the screen on each page turn on the kindle. Turn that on. Shortens battery life but gets rid of that problem.
+1 #16 SpeedingCheetah 2012-04-03 06:40
Name of Device : Kindle Fire

Ok...for the price, it's no so bad. You can get cheap, low end full Android tablets for around the same price, but the quality of those...well, u get what u pay for.

This product, is Android, but its not. Only 2 of the 150 apps I use on my smartphone are in the Amazon app store. You can't use the Google Play store unless you root, which is much harder than it seems to, at least in my experience. I am spoiled rotten with a Samsung galaxy S device which is extremely easy to flash roms to.

Good thing is, I was able to pull the .apk files from my phone, and most of them installed on the Fire. Some installed ok, but wouldn't run or would Force close. Others, simply refused to install. Of course, none of the Google apps work on this device in stock form.

I read online that Amazon is coming out with a new Kindle Fire models...this device would be awesome IF Amazon backed off a bit on their locked up version of android and would allow Google apps on it as Android interned to be run with. I really want my Google account sync abilities which has my contacts/calend ar etc on my Kindle, essential if I want to use it as a tablet too...now i have to switch between 2 devices, my phone and Kindle. Also, many of my apps (paid versions) i really want on my Kindle, but can't, due too not having the google framework or ability to validate the app.

The simplicity of the Kindle Fire's Home screen is annoying to me. The biggest gripe I have is the Carousel. That is the first and biggest "book shelf". It is a recent history of what has been used since the device was activated. There is NO way of clearing this history, aside from long pressing each INDIVIDUAL app and selecting remove from Carousel. Every time u launch or open something, it populates it in the Carousel. I have had the device for 4 hours, loaded up my initial apps, and just playing around with it, learning, and there is already over 100 items in the carousel list. I wish there was an option to clear all, or limit the number of "recent items" shown, or even better(imo) disable the carousel all together.

You can install another launcher. I really like Go Launcher, mainly because I can organize my apps into folders. It works fine, just that the background is not settable. Well, it is, sort of. When u lock and unlock the device, it reverts to Kindles default lock-screen background, thus preventing any kind of permanent customizing or live background you have set. This really bugs me. It's like Amazon is slapping me in the face, for daring to use a different launcher than theirs. I have a beautiful picture of a Tiger that looks perfect on this screen, but it's useless, as it gets blown away buy some pic of pencils, or some antigue light bulbs .... anytime I lock the screen...

I really like putting my apps in folders. I cringe when i see a long list of apps and I have to search through them all to find the one I want. If Amazon would add some form of organization to their apps launcher(app drawer), like folders, or categories, or something..it would alleviate my want to install and use a different launcher, like Go Launcher.

Sound quality from this device is junk compared to my Galaxy S fascinate. I did get DSP manger to run and that equalizer does help a bit. I use $200 Monster Turbine pro Gold ear buds, so I know a thing or 2 about sound quality...I really was hoping to use this as a media player, but no way. Video looks great, but sound is sub-par...no bass whatsoever. Overall, sound is cheap and a tad tiny and flat though headphones, like a low end cell phone. Fine for audio books, but movies or music, I think not. I am an audiophile...so I am picky. I have no idea what sound chip is in the Fire, but Amazon really needs to upgrade the sound chip in their new model...Wolfson chip preferably..lik e what is in Samsung devices.

Steaming video from Amazon Prime is pretty much the only real benefit(aside from the price) to this device than all others out there.

All in all, it is an ok device for what it does, a hybrid e-book reader/tablet. But if you are like me, you will find it lacking in the tablet side of things. More of a glorified e-book reader in my opinion. But I guess if one wants the full Android tablet experience, you have to pay much more than the cost of the Fire.
+1 #15 Vehbi Sinan Tunaliog 2012-03-08 16:14
Name of Device : Kindle Touch

With the Kindle device and the service built around it, reading is now much easier, more accessible and convenient for me. It even changed my habits and daily routine for good. I also like the idea of using supplementary 3rd party services (like readability.com ) to improve reading experience.

Yet, I have some wishes (although not all of them are device or Amazon related):

1. The device can be cheaper, faster and lighter.
2. World-wide service accessibility can be improved.
3. More books are needed in electronic format, especially in academic and technical topics.
4. Basic statistics can be collected for reading times, pace etc. Or if they are collected, can be shared with the user.
+1 #14 zaitrancer 2012-03-07 12:20
Name of Device : Kindle 4

I was never going to own an e-reader....ada mantly and vociferously never. Nothing was ever going to get between me my childhood memories as a voracious reader - the smell of the pages, occasionally closing it to look at the cover art, the slow and delightful wear and tear as I worked my way through a great read, the crinkle of the plastic cover protectors from the library. Over the years I read less and less until it was just an odd book or two a year.

In late Dec 2011 I caved a bit and decided to get an e-reader, confident that I wouldn't like it. True to form, I belligerently looked for the closest thing to a real book: no colour, no audio, no video and no 3G. The Kindle jumped out as the model likely candidate, so I went for it.

I started falling in love with it as soon as it was delivered to me at my office. The appearance is elegantly simple with a sturdy feel. When I got home I charged the Kindle, set it up and then made my first e-purchase: Haruki Murakami's "1Q84" which I was about halfway through in hard cover. I figured if it wasn't going to work for me I might as well not lose an entire book I wouldn't finish.

For the first while it was a little odd using it, and I was more focused on the fact that I was using an e-reader instead of reading a book. It didn't take long and the fact that I was using an e-reader became irrelevant and I was off in the mind movies of imagination created by words; I forgot I was using an e-reader.

Two and a half months and 11 books later, and I'm a total convert. The Kindle easily ranks right up there as one of the best purchases I've ever made. I still sometimes marvel at how great the print and especially the page looks like a real piece of paper!

A couple of things for prospective buyers:

1. No backlighting. Everybody but me probably already knows this, but I was unaware until after my purchase that the Kindle is not back lit. Unless you will only ever read in broad daylight or in a well lit space, you must have a case with a lamp attached to it. Amazon has one that costs a heck of a lot in relation to the price of a Kindle, but it's indispensable. Plus, you'll want to protect your Kindle from getting scratched up if you carry it around. I use it everywhere, all the time; it's always on when I'm reading except when I occasionally turn it off to admire the way the page looks in natural light.

2. Wi-fi. Perhaps it's just my network or maybe it's that I'm just impatient, but downloading books directly onto my Kindle doesn't work within the 60 seconds advertised. I've never waited to see just how long it takes, but I've waited at least 5 minutes without having a book available to me. After that first attempt I've never tried again, so now I just download them instantaneously onto my computer and then transfer them to my Kindle. I actually prefer it this way as I keep a Kindle folder on my computer with a back up of all my e-books.

I can't recommend the Kindle enough, especially if you are looking for a pure, basic e-reader.
-1 #13 Kelsey 2012-03-05 22:37
Name of Device : Kindle Fire

I love my Kindle Fire. Its convienient, portable, and it can do a lot. Surfing the web is easy, downloadings easy. Its a good device but a few things really bother me. The lack of popular apps is rediculous. For being an android device, it lacks the android market place including apps like draw something. Also, I'm not a huge fan of the interface. Scrolling through the carousel is tedious and annoying. I wish it was a simpler format and also the ability tobmake folders would be nice. Overall, its a great device but don't get it for the sole purpose of apps and games because you will be disappointed.
0 #12 Snoosh 2012-03-04 18:09
Name of Device : Kindle Fire

We got a Kindle Fire for our tech-savvy teen daughter at Christmas. At first, she was mildly disappointed, had wanted an Apple iPad and didn't think a Kindle could do much. She played with it, though, and within a day or two we regretted giving it to her because she doesn't put it down now, she loves it. She has a bunch of free and paid books and several magazine subcriptions on it, uses it for email, found that it has a GPS function that works even when it's not supposed to be getting a signal (but it does, not sure how), and looks up movie times, weather, train schedules, etc. via the Internet. She uses apps to post and view photos and probably many other things we don't know about.

It's a quick study to learn to use and our daughter loves it. Hers developed a problem after about three months, could not charge, possibly the charger plug or socket broken, but Amazon has exchanged it free of charge and no hassle. How a company deals with problems is at least as important, if not more, than whether it has problems or not, since everyone has some.

An iPad will do more and has a wonderful, big, bright display, but the cost-to-benefit ratio is not good (MUCH more expensive for somewhat more capability), and it's bigger so more of a pain to carry or pack. If you need a capability that an iPad has and a Kindle Fire doesn't, go for the iPad, but I suspect that for most people, unless they are blinded by the "toy value" and prestige of an iPad, a Kindle will do fine.

Barnes & Noble makes comparable Nooks that also should be looked at and are great products as well. I don't think you'd go wrong with either a Kindle or a comparable Nook. We chose the Kindle from comparing some subjective factors such as book and magazine databases, cloud storage and memory size, tiny pricing differences, etc. We've also enjoyed a good relationship with Amazon and found them to stand behind purchases, which by all reports B&N also does, but the devil you know vs. the devil you don't...

In summary, this is a product that is still being developed and I'm sure more apps and better features will be coming, but for the price, the Kindle Fire is an excellent product, both very useful and a lot of fun. Actually, too much fun, it's tough to get our daughter to do homework and such, she won't put the thing down...
+1 #11 Superman 2012-03-03 12:36
Name of Device : Kindle Fire

I purchased my fire a week ago and I absolutely love it. My wife has the ipad2, which is nice too, I see no big differences! Fire no camera ipad2 does who cares every cell phone has a camera now. If you don't have a iphone or ipod the ipad is useless to you for icloud! The other difference is the size which for me I like the fire size better than ipad2. Ipad2 is to big to be called a tablet its a folder. If you aren't sitting at a table, even with a stand, your arm and hand getter tired holding the ipad2 (do to arm injuries because of baseball my arm goes numb)! I don't have no problems with the fire fits in the palm of my hand. The last difference is the storage size and that depends on what you need. 8 Gb is alot for me so you got to make that call. Lastly after seeing the price of my wife's ipad2 I figured I would never have a tablet but then seeing the fire for $199 I couldn't believe it. Skeptically at first but after having it the first night I absolutely fell in love with it! Lastly do your research on what you need before making a decision. At some point I would've had two ipads2 and spent well over $1300 but with seeing the fire and doing research I ended up spending $900. The ipad2 is perfect for my wife and the fire is absolutely perfect for me!
-1 #10 lcshannon 2011-04-05 14:52
Name of Device : Kindle 3

Pros: I love being able to carry a library with me when I travel and have it weigh only a few ounces! It is comfortable to read for long periods, even in the sunlight. The buttons are well-placed. Downloading new material is a breeze!

Cons: The cost, but I got a slight discount that I used as justification to buy. Another $30 for the cover. Then, of course, all the books and other media. $$.

Summary: I definitely think the benefits outweigh the cons, but I've only had my Kindle2 for a month. So convenient, so light, so packable. It has been a month of bliss. Now, if only I can stop reading and get some work done!
+1 #9 mk37994 2011-01-07 11:51
Name of Device : Kindle 3

Pros: - Light / Compact
- Easy on the eyes
- Easy download of new books
- Love the newspaper download (my paperboy is not that reliable)
- Keep notes on passages

Cons: - Would like the next edition to have a color option. Im sure it would make it very expensive though.

Summary: Overall an amazing product. I have no real complaints. The text to speech works well. The newspaper subscription is great too. I cant get the newspaper delivery anywhere as relaiable as on the kindle. Weather doesnt stop the news from coming through. I would highly recommend this product.
0 #8 jgilliam1955 2010-09-03 09:51
Name of Device : Kindle 2

Pros: Download books at a cheaper price. Take your books with you.

Cons: Right now the price. But that should change over time.

Summary: Think GREEN! This e-book idea is great! Think where we may be in 20 years. No books filling up land fills. Saving trees. College books no longer costing an arm and a leg. They are all on your e-book reader. All newpapers & Magazines digital. The Kindle 2 is a great tool. It downloads books fast and the sekection is very good & getting better. The reading has been easy on the eyes. The battery last a long time.
Just the right size. Some publishers do not want to lower there prices, but the market will demand it once this catches on. Can't wait until the price start coming down & more people get one!
+2 #7 tfrankjr_dotmac 2010-07-06 12:50
Name of Device : Kindle 2

Pros: Super fast downloads. Lots of content. Adjustable font size. Sleek and cool-looking.

Cons: Newspaper subscriptions are expensive.

Summary: I'd never used an e-reader prior to buying the Kindle 2 a couple of months ago. I've found myself addicted to its easy-to-read text and the speed with which I can download books directly from the device. I love the fact that I don't have to hook it up to my computer. It's self-contained.

In addition to books, frequently i download the NYTimes and Wall Street Journal. It took me a while to figure out the best way to navigate using the main cursor button, but once I did, it became second nature. I like being able to quickly scan the paper and then select articles of interest.

This device won't replace my laptop or iPod. I haven't really tried to use the web browser or load MP3s on to it. For pure reading however, it's a pleasure. I travel often and it's great to carry around so many books in such a small, cool, light weight package.

Finally, I think the books on Amazon for the Kindle are pretty reasonably priced. My overall experience is that I've read more books since I bought the Kindle 2 (which came shipped ready to use with my Amazon login already set up) than I did before.

If you're looking for an easy to use, fast-loading e-reader, I highly recommend the Kindle 2.
-1 #6 gbalicea 2010-06-03 11:25
Name of Device : Kindle 3

Pros: Looks great
Feels great
Great customer service support

Cons: I knew what I was buying so I don't have any complaints at the moment, maybe that they could at least include a cheap carrying case, but is all about making money so they have one for 29.99. For me is not necessary but it would be nice.

Summary: I study at University of Phoenix online and I hate to read my books from my computer screen. Now, all I have to do is download the PDF files, send them in to an email for 10 to 30 cents to my Kindle and I'm a happy camper. Now I can do more. Also, this thing is addictive, Now I read more than ever before.
+1 #5 cbarstow 2010-05-05 10:54
Name of Device : Kindle 3

Pros: slim and sexy, easy on the eyes, perfect weight

Cons: not much to complain about from my end

Summary: I'm wanting to convert all my books to digital format now as this device is so awesome to read from. :)

To address any cost issue others may bring up, the only other eReader in this class is the iRex Iliad, which depending on the model, would run you anywhere from $600 to $900. 10 cents per document converted? Only if you have it automatically transferred to your Kindle. In all cases, you can still have Amazon convert for you (or do it yourself) and then transfer it from your computer to your Kindle yourself to avoid the 10 cent charge, so that's also a non-issue.

The removal of the SD card like the Kindle 1 had was done for the sake of cutting down on the size, giving this unit it's sleek, sexy look. The 2 GB of internal memory should hold up to 1500 eBooks. The only place where the storage could possibly come into play would be if you have a real lot of images, image-based PDFs, music files, or audio books, as all of those use up more space than the standard eBook. However, the SD card and user replaceable battery would've seriously impacted the size, bringing it back to the thickness of the first model. So it's a trade off, but a worthy one IMO. And really? Who cares about a user replaceable battery? Has that hurt iPod sales?

I am super happy that I was able to justify this purchase, and guilted my other half into it on Valentine's Day LOL. This is one purchase I definitely will never regret! :)
+1 #4 MFFsTwoCents 2010-04-01 14:33
Name of Device : Kindle 3

Pros: Insanely inexpensive to download an amazing collection of classical literature...

Cons: It absolutely REFUSES to do my laundry (but that's no doubt how they'll justify Kindle 3....)

Summary: How's under $5.00 for a virtually (no pun intended) complete collection of a given author's works sound? Twain, Dostoevsky, Hugo, Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle...I'm beside myself! Seriously, I have to get a loveseat, there's no longer room for me in this chair... Here's my tip for Kindle owners (1 or 2): go to the Kindle Store (at Amazon.com), to the "Books" section, and in the search box type in either "mobi" (trust me - this won't just pull up Melville), or "literature classics", and learn just how valuable 99 cents still is! Viva la Kindle!!
And now, with my books stored on this, I'll have room in my apartment for fancy modern conveniences... like furniture!
+1 #3 AJBieber 2010-02-11 18:32
Name of Device : Kindle 2

Pros: I own both the original Kindle and the Kindle 2 - really like the new form factor - the old Pontiac Aztec form was less than perfect. Some of the new navigation will take time to get used to but increase battery life and improvements are worth it.

Cons: The lack of a case is shameful. I purchased a case but it didn't arrive with the Kindle. For this price point, a case should be included.

Summary: I love the ability to carry dozens of books with me. I have ceased to purchase conventional books. The ability to recover your previous purchases on the original Kindle is great, easy, and appreciated. This is a great next step.
-1 #2 wam41964 2010-01-02 11:07
Name of Device : Kindle 3

Pros: Display is great
Selection of books is good - getting better fast
Price of books is great - some older/classic books are downright CHEAP
Having ALL my books all the time in a device the size of a desk pad is wonderful.
It's just cool.

Cons: The more complex navigations take some getting used to
The key markings need a little more contrast
It's not free. :-)

Summary: I'm a heavy reader and have waiting on this device to come out, skipping the 1st version. I love this thing - I like the convenience and love that I can increase the size of the text, since my eyes aren't getting any better. While some of the detail features required a gander at the instructions, I figured out all the general stuff in under 10 minutes. The display is as goos as I'd hoped it would be and the book downloads are fast and easy. I love that you can check out samples of books for free before you buy them. If you like them, one touch of the 5-way key takes to you a screen where you can buy the book with one click. It's on your device almost immediately. Someone recommended a book to me at the doctor's office - I had it in less than 3 minutes.

Is it expensive? I guess - but it's a real convenience for the avid reader. Besides, I buy an awful lot of books and end up paying a lot of overlimit fees when I fly with them on vacation. Between all the travel books, language books and books I'm reading, I sometimes carry 20 or more pounds of books. Not anymore.
+2 #1 Mark S. 2010-01-02 10:02
Name of Device : Kindle 3

Pros: connection to whispernet without subscription cost

Cons: screen size to keyboard size ratio. why do you need that big of a keyboard? The focus should be the reading screen.

Summary: A lot of complaints have been made about the cost of hardware. But what is being neglected is that there is no connection costs. I would much rather have this option, than a lower hardware cost and a monthly access costs that over the lifetime of product will be more than the original cost of hardware.

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